Without flying

Travelling from Australia to Europe without taking a single plane, what a crazy idea!. Or is it?

The internet is overloaded with informations on what vaccins to get to go to Thailand, what is the best season to visit Bali, what is the cheapest flight to Shanghai, how to make the most of 15 days in India, but it is really hard to find anything about overland trips.

How to travel from Indonesia to Malaysia on a boat? Is there such a boat? How much is a 15hour train ride in Java? How to find a sailboat for a trip from Australia to Indonesia? How to not get ripped off when booking a bus in Vietnam? What traps to avoid? What expenses to expect? Is such a trip even possible?

That’s where this page comes in handy. You will find here answers to all these questions and much more. How do we know the answers to these questions? Because we are, at the moment, on a big overland journey from Melbourne in Australia to Toulon in France. We want to show you that yes, it is totally possible.

We won’t talk about vaccins, seasons, or visas as it would take the fun out of your own researches and you can easily find this online, nope, we’ll go straight to the point: how to go on an overland journey from Australia to Europe, with a short list of our favorite sights and activities on the way as well as our tips (mainly on saving money and avoiding scams).

You are going on a working holiday visa in Australia? Why not go back to your country overland? You are going on holidays for 1 month in Asia? Why not land in Thailand and cross overland to China where you’ll take a plane back home? The possibilities are endless! Now, click on any country you wish to cross, select the post related to the part you need informations for and organise your travel! Enjoy! And as always, if you have any questions or if there is anything you feel needs to be added to our posts, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Bon voyage!