Who are we?


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Hi I’m Alycia, a 26 year old, ukulele playing, song singing, Aussie born gal, from Adelaide, with a passion for travel.

My favorite things include exploring new places, reading, writing, and sharing music.

If I could chose one thing only to take with me on my travels (besides Jeremy) I would chose my Ukulele.




blanc         jeremy

I’m Jérémy, a 30 year old French guy born in Compiègne (very close to Paris), who’s been living on the beautiful French south east coast for 25 years and in Australia for 5 years.

I like: The silence of nature and the badass big sound of the Foo fighters (whom we were lucky to see in Melbourne and in Italy, with more than 85 000 people! Imagine that! it was…sorry I’m drifting away)

So! yeah I also like playing music (at my level, no big expectations there ;-b)

Taking pictures

Working on my laptop (photo and video editing, drawing, and now working on our little site etc…)

A good healthy lifestyle (even though I don’t mind a bit of beer)

Particularity: I’m 1.96m tall (6.7ft)

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