Australia Indonesia on a sailboat: Grog and rolls!

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-“Aaaah F#ck boats!” Greg was yelling, while picking up his beer fallen at his feet, holding on to the boat as hard as he could.   He was cooking diner in the small galley, when a bigger swell than the others, threw everything it…

Some thoughts, departing our Australia


We had planned on travelling through Australia for 1 month and a half, maybe 2 months maximum…10 000km and 4 months later , we just finished our Oz trip and are now leaving our home country.   We left melbourne on the 11th of…

Chapter 7: Cape Hillsborough home of the Giant Golden Orb


It was Day 38 of our travels and after spending an extra week at the Platypus Bush Camp, the bad weather further north brought on from the cyclone had passed, and it was time for us to continue on our travels. Thanks again Wazza….

Chapter 6 : La Casa De Wazza


After spending a few days in Mackay waiting for the car to be fixed we decided to return to The Platypus Bush Camp to enjoy a little time in the rainforest to recuperate. The last few days had taken a lot out of us…

Chapter 5 – Cyclones and Tree Stumps


After packing up our tent at Emu Park we hopped in the car and drove for 20mins up the road to Yeppoon. It was Monday morning, day 27 of our travel, and we were off to the council to see where we could lend…