Alycia’s travel diary


Come and join me on my travels!

Every day on the road is a new adventure, a new challenge, another reason to keep on going. In my journal I will share with you the incredible highs and lows, and give you my real experience of travel. It may not always be glamorous but it will always be honest, and a true representation of life on the road.

Follow me, step by step, page by page, as I embark on the adventure of a lifetime.



Chapter 1: Hitting the Road: The first two weeks from Melbourne to Brisbane



Chapter 2: The Road to Paradise

2015-04-05 14.02.08

Chapter 3: Turtley Amazing!  our adventures at Lady Musgrave Island

Chapter 4: Going Batty 

Chapter 5: Cyclones and Tree stumps: A whirl-wind adventure from Rockhampton to Mackay

Chapter 6: La Casa De Wazza: a magical rainforest paradise